Stella Sarmiento


Stella was born in Bogota, Colombia into an artistic family where she was able to nurture her creativity for culture, music, art and design. Her father a classical violinist of international recognition guided her since an early age through a path of an artistic environment.

This lead her towards designing jewelry reason why she attended a prestigious school where she specialized in different processes of manufacturing and designing systems. Working with precious stones is one of her many passions and emeralds specially, subject that she lectures on and also introduces gracefully in her designs.

ANCIENT Cultures became as well something that she wanted to perfection reason why she established contact with the Museum of Gold of Bogota the entity in charge of the preservation of Gold original artifacts place where she devoted years of investigation and studies of Pre-Hispanic cultures, discovering the magnificent minds and intelligence of this primitive people and the importance of their gold creations.

For the past 2 years she has also introduced into her designs a Modern Collection based in geometric shapes and semi-precious stones. The Art Deco Period has always fascinated her creating as well a Deco Collection of diamonds and beauty.

Her World travels through 90 countries of such diverse cultures gave her even more understanding of how each human being comes from such interesting backgrounds all unique in their own way inspiring her in so many ways! Inspiration that she impregnates in many of her designs.

Most of her designs are “One of a Kind” or numbered closed series, rare in today’s commercial world. One that people will wear knowing that is only his or hers!

For the past 15 years, she has had the honor of designing everlasting cultural pieces for the elite. And after all these years of perseverance and extraordinary work, she now re-launches her brand “STELLA SARMIENTO” with a TOTALLY new website and social media platforms to reach a broader -Unique as You- market who can enjoy of her unique creations.